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£50 off for TVC Members: Edit Directing for Professionals with Forscene @dvtalent



One of the tutors: Robert Thirkell – TV’s ‘Troubleshooter’ (Jamie’s School Dinners, The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off)



APs, DV Directors and similar looking to learn about edits, and make the step up to Edit Director (Edit Producer.)

Edit Directing for Professionals  with Forscene

An extend, 4 day course covering the essentials of Edit Directing/ Edit Producing. The first two days cover everything from the practicalities of managing your workflow, finding good sync, timetabling your viewings, compliance and preparing for the online, to identifying the programme’s DNA, building the narrative and managing the myriad, complex relationships within the production – including with your Exec and SP, and how to give notes to your PD or location directors. The following weekend, there are intensive all-day masterclasses from two of TV’s most influential execs: Robert Thirkell on storytelling, rescuing edits and pre-titles, and Patrick Uden on writing commentary and scripts.

This course will also train you in using Forscene, the world’s leading cloud-based video post-production software.

The Tutors:

Chloe Solomon – exec producer, head of features, The Garden

Jo Woolf – freelance SP and senior Edit Director (Edit Producer)

Robert Thirkell – TV’s ‘Troubleshooter’ (Jamie’s School Dinners, The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off)

Patrick Uden – exec producer (The Apprentice, The Restaurant, Junior Doctors)

Who’s it for?

Aimed especially at producers, directors looking to make the transition to Edit Director (Edit Producer). Series Producers and PMs working with, and managing, Edit Directors and multiple edits. APs, DV Directors and similar looking to learn about edits, and make the step up to Edit Director (Edit Producer.)

Course dates:

1] In London – 31 Nov/ 1 Nov/ 7 Nov/ 8 Nov

2] In Bristol – 21/22/28/29 November

Click this link for details on how to book.

What Others Say About the Course:


“Very useful, I wish I’d done this 2 years ago.  A lot of practical information to digest and clearly structured between editorial, organisational and practical consideration for the edit” Kieran Carruthers, Shooting Producing/Director


“Very good and well put together” Ali Naushahi, Interview Director/ Producer


“Very good. Great detail. Loved both practical and psychological elements. It’s got me thinking about stories and characters in new ways” James Littmann, Director


“Focused, practical, relevant, allowed for debate and discussion” Susan Drummond, Producer/Director


“Very helpful and gave a good overview of how to approach the edit, which was exactly what I was looking for in the course”  Imogen Willcocks, Producer/Director


“Very good. Very clear and practical. Really went into detail about the Edit Producer role and how best to do it” Tamsin Curry, Edit Producer


“Very good, hands on, run by skilled and competent people who actually do the job” Alessandra Bonomolo, Producer


“Great – informative and lively. Learnt, process and organisation, managing relationships. Story arc and character is also great” Jemma Wylie, Producer/Director. Edit Producer


“Excellent, well organised, clear communication, run by an experienced and talented team who have great authority on the subject. Wish I had done this 2 years ago!” Rebecca McVeigh, Series Produce


“It was very good – and packed with very useful information. I liked that it had a practical approach, and I liked that it was very comprehensive” Chiara Messineo, Producer


“Good, it felt good to have everything that I thought I know about edit producing confirmed” Erica Williams, Series Producer



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